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Name Reports
Postal Ballot Notice dated January 26, 2024
Name Reports
Merger of our Registrar and Share Transfer Agent
Intimation under Regulation 30- Tax Order
Reg 30 – Allotment of ESOP 05.01.2024
Confirmation under framework for listing of Commercial Paper
Press Release with respect to the Joint Venture of Nuvama Asset Management Limited
Resignation of Senior Management personnel
Nuvama Regulation 74 of DP Act Q3 FY24
Nuvama Regulation 76 of DP Act Q3 FY24
Reg 30 – Allotment of ESOP 25.01.2024
SE_Postal Ballot Notice
SE_Newspaper_Postal Ballot
Reg 30 – Allotment of ESOP 09.02.2024
Reg 30 – Intimation CP
Earnings Audio Recording Q3 FY24
Allotment of ESOP 16.02.2024
Allotment of ESOP 23.02.2024

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