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Asset management specialists

As asset management specialists, we focus on resolving the challenges you encounter in alternative investments. Our innovative solutions aim to:

  • Reduce your portfolio volatility
  • Provide you with consistent returns basis your objectives
  • Equip you with exclusive investment access
  • Rationalise your cost structures

We understand your alternative investment needs

And devise distinguished solutions that drive financial capital to exceptional Indian corporates. Leveraging our research, origination, underwriting and risk management efficiencies, we help you achieve your goals while enabling you to partake in advancing India’s growth.

Our services

Under the private market domain, we tailor our solutions to address the challenges of limited access and inconsistent returns. Through new-age strategies, our investors capitalize on upcoming market opportunities which are largely inaccessible.
We identify emerging investment opportunities and build resilient portfolios to deliver across market cycles. Trusted by investors, entrepreneurs and management teams alike, we have two flagship offerings under the private markets vertical.

Nuvama crossover opportunities funds

This is a late-stage Private Equity (PE) focused fund with the capability of providing bespoke capital solutions to its investors. Recognised as pioneers in the late-stage growth PE strategy in India in 2017, we identify new opportunities which has helped this fund deliver consistent returns even in periods of extreme volatility. The crossover opportunities fund has stood the test of time, having thrived through two market crises and delivered benchmarking performances.

Nuvama crossover yield opportunities fund

Launched in October 2022, the crossover yield opportunities fund is a venture-focused debt fund that allows our investors to lend to high-growth companies through quarterly coupons. This fund brings with it a unique proposition for its investors — it combines equity-like returns with debt-like security and regular cash flows while ensuring capital sufficiency for Indian high-growth companies. With stable quarterly coupon distributions, this fund facilitates liquidity and offers predictability of returns and also has the potential to generate additional returns by monetizing the built-in equity optionality.
This fund is sector-agnostic and targets a well-diversified portfolio by investing across growth stages starting from Series A.

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Private Markets

In today’s world of uncertainty, we utilize real-time expertise and data-driven insights to reduce your portfolio volatility. We help our clients benefit from a technology-infused modernised approach to fund management.

Nuvama Enhanced Dynamic Growth Equity (EDGE) Fund, our equity alternative fund, is consistently topping the charts across benchmarks and equity offerings. EDGE is a solution to help you manage market fluctuations and it does this by cushioning the downfall while providing an alpha over the long term. Powered with a differentiated strategy, EDGE is an ideal complementary allocation to an investor’s long-only equity portfolio.

With expected consistent returns over a 1–3-year period, lower drawdowns in times of volatility and the potential to generate alpha over the index, EDGE has evolved into a superior way of participating in the equity markets.

Listed Equity Alternatives
Structured Solutions

Among India’s leading structured solutions architects and with Assets under Management (AuM) of over INR ~6,000 Cr.*, our offerings include Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Market Linked Debentures for institutionalized funds and sophisticated investors.
The first in the country to introduce a customized digital portfolio solution ‘Infinity’, our investment strategy focuses solely on your objectives before taking into account the high conviction opinion of our accomplished experts.

After penetrating the Market Linked Debentures segment in 2007, and leading it since 2015, we have successfully raised gross issuances of over INR 20,000 Cr. Supported by 80 distribution partners and currently managing a portfolio of INR 6,500 Cr., we have provided timely redemptions of INR 10,000 Cr.

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All clients have an option to invest directly in portfolio management services without intermediation of distributors / advisors.
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