Xpro India Limited

Qualified Institutional Placement


February 2024




INR 1,500 MN

Deal Value

Xpro India Limited

Deal Details

  • Despite steep increase in the share price in past 1 year, QIP saw healthy subscription across investor categories
  • Deal was strategically launched at an attractive Price with discount of 10.24%^ to closing Price on launch day

Nuvama Contribution

  • Banker of Choice” having handled Highest Sole Mid size QIP deals* on the street
  • Garnered interest from large anchor investors including Marquee ‘Long Only’ FII, High pedigree DII Investor and Family Offices
  • As Sole BRLM, Nuvama handheld the management through the entire QIP process, providing strategic guidance and regulatory support

About Xpro

Xpro is mainly engaged in the business of polymer processing at multiple locations and is a manufacturer in India of coextruded plastic films, thermoformed components, coextruded cast films and speciality films (including dielectric films and special purpose biaxilliary oriented polypropylene (“BOPP”) Films)