Exclusive financial advisor to Orient Craft Ltd. (OCL)



May 2021




INR 8,440 MN

Deal Value

Exclusive financial advisor to Orient Craft Ltd. (OCL)

Deal Highlights:

  • OCL faced stress situation due to COVID-19 resulting in order cancellations, inventory losses & delay in monetisation of noncore assets etc
  • Comprehensive Debt Resolution involved correction in cashflow mismatch & Interim relief by securing interest moratorium and principal payments
  • Correction of working capital facilities by carving irregularities into separate Term Loan, Funding of Interest, Additional Working Capital funding & Reduction in margin for Drawing Power calculation

Our Contribution:

  • Ensured successful closure within tight timelines
  • Bridging trust deficit between borrower and lenders to ensure banking operations continue during restructuring process
  • Meticulous navigation through all non anticipated challenges during the execution
  • Critical handholding and strategic approach for all procedural diligences by external agencies
  • Fine balancing between the lenders and inter-se promoters group