Sterlite Technologies Limited

Qualified Institutional Placement


April 2024


Telecom, Media and Technology


INR 10,000 MN

Deal Value

Sterlite Technologies Limited

Deal Details

  • QIP of one of the leading global optical and digital solutions company
  • Deal saw participation across investor categories and was fully subscribed multiple times
  • ~80% of book was allocated to LO Investors

Nuvama Contribution

  • As the Left Lead banker, hand-held the Company with end to end execution, swift regulatory approvals, thereby ensuring timely launch
  • Nuvama garnered participation from a diverse investor set including Marquee ‘Long Only’ FII, Insurance Companies and Family Offices
  • Spearheaded demand mobilization;
    • Procured the largest and only marquee LO FII bid in the book
    • Successfully converted ~62% of investors in terms of number of investors in a 2 bank syndicate


Sterlite Technologies is an integrated digital network provider, with a global presence and manufacturing capabilities across countries including India, Italy, Brazil, the United States and China. According to CRU International Ltd, they were one of the largest cable producers globally in terms of installed preform and draw capacity and cable production volume in 2023