Exclusive Financial Advisor to Janki Corp Limited (JCL) for raising Working Capital Finance & enabling its foray back into normal banking channel post turnaround

Deal Highlights

  • JCL achieved remarkable turnaround from FY20 supported with market dynamics & management competencies in productivity improvement & liability management efforts
  • Despite strong turnaround & financials, re-entry into normal banking was tough to come by due to legacy issues of debt resolution
  • Nuvama enabled JCL’s successful foray back into banking mainstream:
    • Raising need-based WC funding;
    • Achieving competitive terms;
    • Lenient security & financial covenants, meeting client expectation without diluting bank’s credit norms

Nuvama Contribution

  • Presented a compelling case for funding by citing turnaround & healthy financial metrics along with strong management credentials
  • Garnered a few interests from banks despite legacy issues
  • Negotiated commercials & covenants with bank